Saturday, 14 February 2015

If you cannot dress up right, it is all your fault.

The fact that a huge part of the Indian population consider it a duty of every woman to dress "decently" is not new to anyone. Almost every girl must have at some point of their lives if not always is taught to dress up properly so as to not get into trouble. With so many rape cases occurring one after another it is also not new to anyone that many consider girls staying out late and wearing skinny, short clothes to be the reason why men are drawn to molest them, that girls are themselves blamed to be the reason for the crimes committed on them. Then one may wonder what a four or five year old child must have done or worn to instigate a man to rape her. People seldom think before passing a judgement, However, when a case of a child being raped is heard, do they ever stop and think that their theories of decency and indecency, right and wrong may not be so true? The news is flooded with incidents of infants being raped. One may find reports of child rape in the newspapers every single day taking place in some corner of the country. And to think that those are only the ones which get reported. There maybe hundreds of victims of child rape in the country every week. How many of those who have a lot of judgments to pass about the character of a woman who gets raped has ever given the problem a thought and tried to find out why these incidents keep occurring. If they did, it would not take anyone long to figure out that the problem goes far deeper than short clothes and night outs. A kid who is not even 10 years old is almost incapable of dressing indecently and if men are instigated to rape children then is the problem not elsewhere? The idea that women are weak and should be subjected to male domination and guidance is an inherent mindset that in unconsciously embedded in the minds of 90% of the Indian population. Has anyone every thought that the concept itself might give a few men the authority and the audacity to violate the other sex to seek revenge, to discipline them, to use force as a show of power over women and believe that the victim brought it on herself/ While people spend so much time being critical about the way a girls dresses and behaves in public, I wish some would stop and ponder on the real issues which lead to such heinous crimes in the country. Unless the ideas and the beliefs and concepts are changed, will the country be really moving anywhere ahead with all the development projects, technology and what not?  

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