Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Not every cloud has a silver lining..

I was reading Marquez this afternoon after a late lunch. The monsoons have marked their arrival with the cloudy mornings and regular downpours now and then. It had been gloomy all day and around noon the black clouds finally decided to shed their sorrows washing the city with heavy rain. With the book in my hand and drowsy eyes, I suddenly noticed a bright yellow reflection on my window. When I got up to find out the source this is the sight that was waiting for me outside the window of my room.
If only I could capture the vastness of the magnificent sky and the beauty of the entire scene all at once with the birds returning to their nests all in a hurry and and brightness of the thousand shades of yellow and the brilliant glow of the setting sun. If only every cloudy day cleared to a sunset like this. If only..

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