Wednesday, 23 September 2015


Just today while I was browsing Facebook I came across my elder brother's (Dadabhai) blog. To tell you what he is like will not be very difficult. I am sure most of you have had one of those in your family. The sheer genius kind who always knows everything about everything and generally makes you feel like you know nothing at all in a very "It's all cool, I just know a little more than you do" sort of a way. :P
So I opened his blog and I read. He has this amazing way of noticing so many strange things and then writing about them in such perfect humor and terminology. He can make a small simple post sound so interesting and yet intellectual while I write long serious posts which even I am too lazy to read for the second time. Well, I took almost a month deciding what my blog will be on and what it will be called. In times like these, I wish his I had a little of his brilliance, just a little bit..:)

P.S. No self loathing or jealousy involved, Well, maybe just a little bit. But that's okay I suppose.


  1. Omg you are so cute. :) Sroyon is like the unattainable elder brother standard to more people than he actually is a blood relation to. Dear God, I shall die if he sees this.