Friday, 8 January 2016

The wealthy snatchers!

After many days of procrastination I have finally sat myself down to finally put into words the post that I has been pending for over a month. A few days back while I was reading the newspaper, I read an article which especially drew my attention. It said that studies and reports have revealed that the majority of the cases of snatching by bikers are committed by youths of extremely wealthy families. The wealthy youths to keep up with their wealthy lifestyles have taken to robbery and chain snatching which provide them with easy cash for expensive parties, malls, alcohol and drugs. This information got me thinking how most of us develop this wrong notion that the financially needy for the underprivileged are the ones who are responsible in any case of theft, pick pocketing or robbery. I do not mean to make any generalizations here but what I mean to say is most of you will understand or will be acquainted with the idea that all of us have at some point come across the idea that the poor are the ones behind most of the crimes like theft, snatch and run, drug dealing etc., driven by poverty or otherwise. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, people tend to blame the poor for anything that goes wrong be it global warming or the cleanliness of the city. I will not lie. In the Indian society it is very common for people to immediately blame the servants, drivers and caretakers for anything that goes missing even before giving it a proper search. They may be right in certain cases but is it not wrong to assume it by default? It is true that some of us are in financially weak positions while others are comparatively financially sound. Does that mean that the needy are always looting the rich to satisfy their necessities? The Article clearly suggested a different idea, not based on conceptions but based on reality.
It is time we change our notions and open our minds. What is important is that each one of us should first take responsibility of our own actions. Like just a few days back a friend of mine could not find her scissor. The first thing that came to her mind was the cleaning lady stole it. It is surprising how naturally it comes to us to blame someone for something just because they are weaker than we are. The scissor, however, was found just a minute later buried under a few books that had been carelessly kept on the table. Unfortunately I know that this is not isolated incident but is a very common mistake that one often makes. What is important is that everyone takes some time to think and to ponder before they form an idea, before they hurt someone, before they blame someone, before every small action that they take, before they shift the responsibility to someone else.  

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