Monday, 11 April 2016

To dadu..

I always shared a special bond with my grandfather. He was the kind of person I looked up to, respected, pampered and loved to the greatest degree. He worked with the Air Force and had a very adventurous life. He married my grandmother when he was around 20 and since then they have been the most perfect couple. There were certain things in him like generosity, good humour, affection and so many other things that made him very popular among his friends, seniors, grandchildren, and everyone else including the rickshaw pullers, shopkeepers and maids. He was a person everyone loved. It is'st possible to sum up what he meant to me or what kind of a person he was but this would help all those who did not know him to relate to the picture.
And for all of you who knew him, you can imagine how amazed I was at the accuracy of the analysis of his handwriting which I found while going through his documents.


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    1. Actually Mam found this. I have made a copy of this for her as well but forgot to give it to her. I will give it to her when I go home next.

  2. Awww Tutling. Hugs. Nice blog. :)

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    1. We discovered that this analysis is most probably done by Dadabhai.. :)